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the fall hot list (classic225)

Don't be a fool this season! Catch up with fashion world with the fall hot list of 2009!

What's Hot:
1. leotards, vests, and tights
Night clubs to Red carpet events. If 'lebs can do it, so can we!
2. Cashmere
Break it out
3. E ternity
Cannot wait.
4. Fashions from Sweden
Vintage yet soft
5. Hollister Snow Caps
Trendy, Knitted, and Comfty. What more do you need?
What's Not:
1. Booties
Died from overdose
2. Jay Z and Beyonce
H.O.V.A songs and I AM tours? You're not gods, you morons
3. Rihanna
Tortured Soul
4. Fear
We were not made with a spirit of fear. Thats corruption added to us. Lose it, kay?
5. Plaid
From Blazers to Mini Skirts, chic move


@the stardoll community

I know many of you have gotten a msg from either Bluegreen86, Fayasi, or Emorox4eva asking to visit their page, vote them covergirl, and get on any other accounts that you have and vote them covergirl. Mel (b) was the first person to ask me, so I was like: "Ok. Sure, why not?" because I have been friends with Mel for a while now and I know she deserves to be covergirl. So, I voted for 5/5. I fowarded the msg to my friends and they did the same. Surprisingly, she won covergirl the next day. A few days later, I got a msg from Mayrel asking me to vote her covergirl, as well, after she saw the reward Mel got for sending out that msg. I did only because Sonny and I are good friends. Then, Fayasi sent me a msg as well a Emorox4eva. Neither of the two have ever contacted me for any reason other to benefit them with a vote from me. Why? I don't know; it seems like their just using me.

The point is, it was fine the first time. But stop with this "Vote me covergirl for $$" broadcasts. Covergirl was not created to be won over with bribes.

Oh yes, and: Legende Magazine spoiler coming soon.



Chris Crocker: Queer of YouTube

I was surfing YouTube and came across a video from Chris Crocker. I have heard of him before; but never really checked him out. But, I finally got the oppurtunity to and this is what I came to the conclusion of; after watching: Chris Crocker demands that you leave Britney alone. Now, now now! *Sobs*

Quote Leave her alone! You're lucky she even performed for you BASTARDS!! Leave britney alone! *Gasps and tears* end Quote.

Quote anyone who has a problem with her; you deal with me; because she isn't well right now *gasp* leave her alone, please! end Quote.

I guess that means we .. . .. better not talk about Britney anymore or Chris will call all his twitter followers to .. [Dare I say it?] make videos titles "Leave Chris Alone!"! *Gasps and covers mouth*

Check out a few videos from Chris:

Well damn! Im a little pissed that even after the man has died, people are still saying how Michael was a pedofile and shouldn't have been honoured. Should I make a YouTube video saying Let Michael Rest? I'll add it to my ToDoList. .. .

To do list:

  • Download more videos from Chris Crocker Done!
  • Make a Michael Jackson YouTube video
  • Breathe Done!

Graphics made by me

As you all know, I am an artist ::) I love photography, paiting, sketching, graphics designing, and basically anything that can help express my ideals without words. I recently made a few graphics: they are nothing very amazing but I think I am pretty good, right?
<< Marisol, 30, Dominician Republic

<< Fohe pt. 1, 15, Ukraine
<< Fohe pt. 2, 15, Ukraine
<< Heather, 16, South Africa
<< Melody, 17, Seaside, California
<< Vanoghia, 19, New York City, New York
<< Anamaria, 12, Dominician Republic
<< Ariane, 15, Canada


The industry has it's cons. .. . **Updated**

Less than a week ago ; I was approached by a new modeling agency called Pandora-Models. I was excited, being that I have never modeled for any agencies; I was simply working for them as perhaps make-up artist, or stylist, or event planner / manager. I accepted; despite the fact that I had not read their rules, regulations, or even presentation. Big mistake.

Here is a conversation that disturbed me greatly; that I had with Pandora-Models, just hours before posting this discussion:

(Click to enlarge)

You can view the outfit that started the discussion / showed me Pandora-Models true colors, to the right. Leave your opinion in the comment(s) because this is something serious.

Thank you.


AriannaCarle: public apology

I honestly never thought the day would come when AriannaCarle apologized. The apology was sincere, heartfelt, and moving. She basically told everyone that she was sorry, and she pointed out all the lies that I did in "trash bar classic225" and apologized for each of them with the truth. That takes alot of courage, and alot of bravery. She actually decided to post real pictures of her in place of the ones she stole:

You're very gorgeous and there was no need to steal pictures ever. I do, however, thank you for the apology. And I want to mend our friendship by throwing you a party (lol).

Read her apology @: http://ifyouseekari.blogspot.com/2009/07/truth.html

So, my letter to you, Arianna is: Thank you ! =]


To whom it may concern

Due to many reasons, we have decided not to post about Michael Jackson's eldest son being revealed as the 1st of the four children of Michael Jackson. Find the story under google web searches, its worth it. We hope you understand.



Just when we thought things couldn't get weirder regaurding hair in HW, Beyonce's sister Solange has went bald, and the first lady has snipped up her famous flip.

I always thought Solange was a nice looking girl. But, perhaps she should have gotten a Pixie cut. That'd work with that egg she passes off as a head much better than low and boyish.

Perhaps she could have worn something cuter than Gladiators and a tunic?

First Lady Michelle Obama premiered her freshly cut bob yesterday afternoon. And I love it.

Malia Obama is such a beautiful girl; as well as her sister Sasha Obama.
Despite the fact that many are questioning the beauty of The First Lady, I have always loved her eye brows. Whether she's a regular Halle Berry or not, the woman is smart, charming, sophisticated, and determined.


Indentity Theives, Strike again! (Busted Edition)

Heidi is now my hero. After hours of interregation from countless stardoll members; the bitch just flat-out-said: quote Ok! Fine ! I stole her pictures. Now leave me alone! end quote. No matter how phychotic indentity theft can be, at least she confessed. I respect that more than trying to flip it on others by begging for sympathy and acting as if the world is being wicked.

So, Heidi. We're done with you. You are free to go.

You're a different story.


Ciara's new Do! + Rihanna's alledged album cover

Super dancer Ciara has a new do:

Notes: The 'do looks an awful lot like the rising star Keri Kilson's chopped bob. Fabulous, nonetheless. Although, the make up is overdone. And last week she had black eyes. If you asked me, Contacts are just a desperate cry for different eyes. Be happy with yourself!

Notes: The cover isn't final, although it was released in a unworded test post on the official Rihanna blog. If this is the cover, it's plain but chic! This could've been a fan creation, because the hair seems awfully fuzzy and Rihanna just doesn't go for that! Cover or not, the album will be fabulous. Hell, she could sale a coverless album and rack in more sales than all American Idol winners together.

Do your 'thang!

Side notes about Ciara:

  • She copied Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video with "Work"
  • She copied Beyonce's album cover/booklet for "Fantasy Ride"/"I am Sasha Fierce"
  • She copied Keri Hilson's do
  • She copied Beyonce's "Diva" with "Diva remix"

Indentity Theives, Strike again!

Today, we're not tourmenting AriannaCarle. Now, it's multi-accounted Heidi also known as CoutureModel. She practically stole the "life" of Fabulous Liar, AriannaCarle. Heidi is a supposed high fashion model, just as Arianna is. I looked up Heidi on Google, the results only found CoutureModel (Surprise, Surprise!). She recently went from blonde to brunette, While Arianna recently went Brunette to Blonde.

More notes about Heidi:

*She has 4-known accounts including

  • Glawsie
  • BelleBoule
  • StellaChandler
  • EliteMaleModel

*She made a blog exactly like Arianna's and using a picture of Arianna, that Arianna stole! (Double Theft!)

*She said quote Arianna is such a liar. Who steals pictures from a site model? end quote. Omg.

(Heidi's Blog)

Look fimiliar?
My perspective: Arianna recently posted a post about Heidi stealing pictures. What the hell? You're the originator you dumb fuck! Moving on...
- Heidi, don't steal pictures! So, lame.


Predictable, nonetheless

  • AriannaCarle (noun.) Illiterate pre-teen attempting to become a stardoll socialite
  • yet not failing at all. The subject has quite the following these days because the public
  • doesn't know of her phychotic activities. Such as identity theft.

I left her a nice and sweet guestbook message:

  • She quickly deleted the comments. Then blocked me. Predictable!
  • Take this time out to report AriannaCarle for stealing pictures from
  • countless girls. Also, look up Anamaria on polyvore. You will see
  • alot of accounts with her pictures claiming its them. If I was to steal
  • a picture of someone, It wouldn't be a SITE MODEL! I'd at least make sure 80% of the teen population didn't
  • already know the person I was stealing pics from. What a genius!


Fashion trend: still pending

  • Half bald and fresh from the air port, pop-star and fashionista Rihanna was spotted rocking her brand new do. The trend started back in Feb. when singer and Diddy's camp member Cassie was spotted rocking the same do. Latina-beauty Lala Vasquez was spotted back in May with the half bald/half wavy do, too.

Rihanna 4.5/5

Cassie 2.5/5

Lala 3/5


Do we love it?


I am extremely for the lack of post(s) latey. Gossip has been extremely dry; and we'd rather not make up any 'stories' like many of the other blogs are doing. I do have a bit of a fashion post today!

  • Trendy item: Jason Priestly Nineties Boots
  • Where?: Open Hands Thrift Store, Santa Fe NM
  • Price: $2 dollars & 50 cents (Urika!)
  • Description: The 90s are coming back, and their footwear
  • wouldn't take no, for an answer. Check these rare and affordable
  • 90s-styled boots in army blue and american tan laces. Wear
  • them to school with flirty tights, a full skirt and a crisp white top.

Provided by teenVOGUE.

More from teenVOGUE:

Emma Watson's photoshoot. Totally adored it and I am using it as an inspiration for my upcoming magazine's first Issue!
Here are 3+ picture(s) from the collection.

Emma is such a beautiful girl with great style. I was please with her interview.
It didn't seem fake or rehearsed.



Quote On the mic is a queen so lisen to me sing. He wants a number 3 super-sized onion rings. He come out of the house with no ankle bracelit on but you got two strikes, so don't get this order wrong. You know I'm looking cute, but theres nothing you can say but if you got it to, we can do it your way.... HEY..!! end quote

  • Bon Qui Qui: Sah-Cure-Rit-Tay!
  • Man: Yes, Bon Qui Qui?
  • Bon Qui Qui: She was tryin' to fight me!
  • Blonde: No I was NOT!
  • Bon Qui Qui: *Major eye roll*

It was a bit racist :( Not all hispanics are ghetto! But we are fabulous. Dig dat!


Michael Jackson Jokes from club Michael Jackson

Although some of these jokes are offensive, and they are false - they are funny! Don't say I am not a M.J.J fan because I might just be his biggest!


Those jokes were cruel - but I laughed my ass off!

**NOTE: Michael Jackson was falsely convicted of the molestation of a young boy in the early 90s. He won his case. The reason Michael loved to be around children was because he never had a childhood, because since the age of 3 - Michael's father had abused him and his siblings and made them sing / dance under the fear of beatings. He was simply a big kid, with a heart of gold. And he is NOT freak for changing his nose. He changed his nose because his father, Joe, always told him what a big and ugly nose he had as a kid which is horrible!**


Beauty 101: Thicker Hair Beauty Tips from Allure! Beauty Editor, Victoria Kirby


Atlanta, GA's classiest girl

Check her out as she cranks that Soulja Girl, has Young Jeezy kill the president, disrespects an elderly woman, freestyles, and confronts her rapist, you know, the usual!

  1. The girl is actually bipolar.
  2. The ederly woman is a neighbor and a friend of the girl's mother, which is why the woman didn't respond because she knows of the girls unfortunate bipolar activities.
  3. The guy (as you may know) isn't her rapist, still, he shouldn't have grabbed her head and mushed it Lol
  4. This is nothing to laugh at, the Bipolar disease is actually more serious then every one thinks.
  5. Young Jeezy is killing G.W.B? Wow, thanks for the update.


  • Soulja Girl: Where my doo-rag at?
  • Guy: Its on yo head, mayne.
  • Soulja Girl: Im pressin charges!!


BREAKING NEWS! king of pop: deceased!

Officials confirm that Michael Jackson, 50, died in a Los Angeles hospital today. Here is the official story from THEYBF.COM:

In tremendously shocking news, multiple credible news reports state that our 50 year old iconic legend Michael Jackson has died. He suffered a cardiac arrest this afternoon and was rushed to UCLA medical center. News reports state that the doctors tried to revive him for 45 minutes and his mother Katherine Jackson and his sister LaToya ran into the hospital crying. His brothers were there but Janet is not in L.A. yet, neither is his father Joe who gave a statement earlier.

There are still no details on what caused the cardiac arrest or supposed
heart attack. He arrived to the hospital in a deep coma.
Michael was planning for his 50 sold out shows in
London. I’m literally at a loss for personal words right now. L.A. Times has the latest credible updates.
R.I.P. to the King of Pop.

Below, is my favorite Michael Jackson song. I love you Mike!

Below, is the actual Michael- before the skin transfusion.

He was my first crush :P lol
btw: he is NOT child molester...


runway look of the day

Whats Hot:
  • trench coat
  • white kicks
  • thin leather black belt
  • red slacks
Whats Not:
  • white and red tailored short Too bordering school-ish!

Work from home:

  • replace slacks with colored skinny jeans the Levi brand are cheap&chic!
  • if marc jacobs is too exspinsive: tommy hilfiger offers get trenches!
  • replace the thin leather belt with a spiky one!
Whats hot:
  • plaid sleevless top
  • flat stringed-denim top hat
  • bandage heels
  • shimmery corsette
Whats not:
  • thick bangles I think thin would have worked wondefully!
  • shiney pencil skirt beautiful, yes! necessary, no!
  • tangled / wooded necklace adds a busy-vibe from the outfit!

Work from home:

  • replace plaid sleeveless top with a button-down top chop off the sleeves!
  • use a beret is you can't find a flat hat add broches!
  • 1-inch heels will work just as well as the marc jacobs brand heels Moschino Cheap&Chic works!
  • a wrap belt can replace the corsette


happy feet

I have good news! Well, for me at least. My grandma won this thing called Tormo in my city, its like the lottery, sort of. And guess how much she won: $ 300,000! That may not be alot to you guys but its amazing to us! lol. Just wanted to share this with you all - not that you care!


perez hilton

Queen of the Media, Perez Hilton was attacked by the Black Eye Peas group member Will.I.Am [&&] Co. (security). Below, you will see him telling about the unfortunate happening. Hoorah. Hooray.

I don't mean to sound mean, nor upset the 90% of the world whom love Perez BUT I think he is simply getting a taste of his own medicine. Yes, of course his blog is entertaining and violence doesn't amount to words (typed words lol) BUT everything happens for a reason.


successful blogs (the secrets)

Brainstorm - What type of blog are you looking to exploring? (e.g., fashion, everyday life, 1920's era). The first step is to A. think up a good name. My blog's name is Classic225, because 1.) the blog is classic. 2.) I love Chanel perfume 2.55!

  1. How to come up with a name? Well, I am sure that many people have nicknames. (e.g., MissyPooh). You could possibly have your everyday life blog named after your nicknames. If its dealing with fashion, perhaps you should go with something more classic. (e.g., trendspotfortheriots.blogspot.com). Do!: Have five names in mind, just incase your first choice is taken. Don't!: Piggy back off of another blog's name. No matter how much you like it, the blogs' can get confused with one another. You wouldn't want your followers to end up following, THEIR blog!
  2. Got my name! Now I need a first post. What do I need to do? This part took me an hour to think up. I kept getting these great ideas, gossip stories, ect. but I realized I needed a way to introduce myself, entertain and let the readers know what the blog is about all in one. I came up with "Summer of 2009 hot & not list". This way, the readers knew what I liked, had a good time reading someone elses opinions, and let the readers know that my blog is about fashion and opinionated posts. Do!: Put in all three guidelines (personal, entertaining, and your blogs purpose). Dont!: Write about gossip first. You don't want your readers to think you're the penical of drama. Sure, it will be interesting but not at the moment. Kay?
  3. My layout is boring! What sites own Html layouts? Take a visit to pyzam.com/bloggertemplates. There are different types of layouts there. (e.g., New layouts, Fashion layouts, Brand name Layouts). Do!: Use something that fits your title. Dont!: Use a layout that doesn't fit the blog. it will throw everyone off!

Writing - There are many types of writing. (e.g., Gossip, Fashion, Reports). When you're writing: use correct grammar, check your sentences, and take out any profanity (if blog is meant for children).

  1. I got a great post idea! But it puts alot of people under the bus! I'm sorry to break it to you, but you need permission from everyone you are featuring. If you don't, they can get everyone they can to report your blog and you'll loose your business and all your hard work. Not to mention the respect of your followers. Do!: Write something juicy. If its about someone, slip them a GB msg saying they've been featured. Dont: Wait until the featured person finds YOU.
  2. I have alot of grammar violations! Oh! Don't fret (lmao) you can always write the post, copy / paste it into your Writing Program, have it check it out, and place it back. If you don't have any writing programs, simply selfcheck it! Do!: Use txt language if your blog is that style. Dont!: Mispell simple words on purpose! Not cute.
  3. I have nothing to write about! There is nothing more irritating than writers block. You can simply write about your day, about a funny expirence or something benefitial (e.g., How to get the free Hannah Montanna french dress).

  • That concludes the first post about the blogging business.
  • Special thanks to WriteMaryCat for the idea.


youtube video

Ok, like this video NEVER gets old. I've seen it 28+ times and I have never been able to sit in my chair without laughing. Just watch the video all the way through as the overweight young lady sings, falls, almost breaks her neck, uses incorrect grammar and tries desperately to roll herself off the floor.

**Note: I am not making fun of over weight people in any way. This video is simply funny. So don't accuse me of descrimination. Thank you!**

Next: When the video is finished playing, look @ the related videos, scroll across to the end and you will see the actual girl telling about how it wasn't staged, how her coffee table is now destroyed, why we shouldn't do it at home and why the table didn't fall because of her weight.

*Blank Stare*


catalog look of the day

Victoria Secret
What's Hot:
  • baby blue metallic bag
  • sweet pink bathing suit

What's Not:

  • hoop earrings Not with this outfit
  • bangles I suppose..

Work from Home:

  • use a basic color bag and add scrapbook shapes
  • tie strings around the rims of your bathing suit at the hip
  • replace the bangles with thin bracelets


tu chupar

suck your own pene you overweight illiterate bitch :) Yes, I saw the vacation pictures of you and your fat ass family.
( Excuse my language blog readers ;] )

  1. Twilight is OUT.
  2. How am I being immature by choosing to ignore her and block her? So its now mature to stay on one subject then to let it go and curse each other to hell (lol)?
  3. My comeback was so lame :p lol, Im usually super good at this. I was having such a good day that she caught me off gaurd.

summer love

Summer Love



Curious Artist by Kenziyah Mannuella Zane (17.6.09) 15 years of age
(Click to enlarge for details!)


te amare & me queire besar

This is my cousin Marisol aKa Yary and her brother dancing to te amare. This is a beautiful song and I am learning the dance, myself! lol. Comment!

(Someone commented saying "Why is your cousin dancing w/ her brother like that?" and NOTE that this is simply for fun, they both are not weird in any way [lol] and this is how puerto ricans dance, so...)

&& Rafael is gay anyhow, lol.

This is not a relative, just someone I happen to know. (The girl in white). These girls / guys are really good dancers! If you are under 12 years old age, though, do not click play.


summer releases

  • Stardoll released some amazing bathing suits this afternoon. Thomas Maier's One-peice quadruple-cut swim suit in hot pink and ocean blue are my favorites. Polyvore did have it first so I began to wonder: Is stardoll admin a fan of polyvore. They aren't alike but they should be competing. I spend around a full hour on stardoll throughout the day while I spend two on polyvore. I have a feeling this stardoll summer willn't be like the last.

Polyvore version:

More from stardoll:

64 art lane

Since school is officially done for the year, my friends are all busy, and stardoll has gotten a bit boring - I decided to draw again. It's been a passion since childhood (lol) but I threw it away when I started getting into the cyber life. So, this is the first time Ive drawn anything serious since probably 6th grade.

Haute & Bothered by Kenziyah Zane. 15 yrs of age. 16.6.09

(click to enlarge / you can really see the details then!)

About It:

  • The bottom half is more realistic than the top half. Give me a while, I need to get the feel of the pencil again
  • This took me from 2:40 PM to 6:50 PM
  • Not some of my best work but its a start
  • Tell me what you think in the comments! PLEASE.

64 art lane:

  1. Its a program I started. I know alot of stardoll members have artistic talents. Whether its manga, realistic, fashion, sketching, cartoon, abstract, or paint. If you're an artist and you want to get your drawings displayed, please tell in the comments!
  2. Anyone can enter.
  3. Anything / Everything is accepted.


runway look of the day

Whats hot here:
  • silk city shorts in coral
  • bohemian draped tote
  • print oversized bow
  • dingy grey tee
  • hot pick blazer

Whats not here:

  • multiple colored sandals
  • patch work pocket

Work from home:

  • trade bow with a necklace as a fit-for-a-goddess head band
  • cut up fabrics and sew them together for your tote
  • buy some killer high heel sandals and reincarnate them with tights How do you Hue? Has great tights!
  • grab your school blazer and add brooches, pins, and cufflings Chanel has great broches!
  • replace the shorts with a skirt if you're girly
Whats Hot here:
  • Metallic Sandals
  • Straw Hat

Whats Not here:

  • One-peice with no cut-outs bathing suit
  • Dull clutch

Work from Home:

  • Replace One-peice with a two-peice bikini make sure its bold!
  • Replace clutch with an oversized sun bag add broches!
  • If wedges / sandals are too exspinsive, use designer flip flops Ed Hardy has cute ones!